Team Tac-Tics

Where is Bridgwater?

Bridgwater is in a large South-western county called Somerset. It is the birthplace of Team Tac-Tics and is a great place to free run. Team Tac-Tics have found many free running/parkour spots all over the town that are used frequently by the team and people from other towns/cities. Bridgwater is known for being the home of the Carnival and is a very historic place which shows a lot of interest. Historic Land-marks such as 'The Glass Cone' is used by many members of the free run community in Bridgwater and is definately a favourite to the squad members in Team Tac-Tics. Bridgwater is very big on Parkour and Free running... so much so we have club for it here and is very popular in the young community as it is great fitness and a lot of fun as Team Tac-Tics know from experience. For more about that Contact Us.