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Rhys Michael Holloway (Kyriex)

 Hey, My Names Rhys Holloway Or Commonly Known As Kyriex, I'm 16 Years Young.
 I Have Been Free-Running Since April 2008, As Soon As I Started This Extreme Sport It Has Played A Huge Part Of My Life, I love Trying New Things And Love To Do The Craziest Stuff I Can Just Because I'm An Adrenalin Junkie, Anything That Gives Me A Thrill And Some Excitement, I'm In. Mainly When I Train I'm Based In Bridgwater, Taunton And Weston But occasionally Dotted Around In Other Places I Mainly Base My Movements On Tricking And Flipping, But I Enjoy The Parkour Aspect As well. So Get In Touch With Us :).... Train Safe, Get In Touch And Find The Thrills...
Peace And Love xx :) 

Charlie Bale (Charlag)

My name is Charlie, I'm also known as Charlagg, I am 16 years young. 

I began parkour in April 2008, after about 7 months I started to learn basic somersaults and that is when I started to be more of a free runner (Free running is the joined efforts of parkour with flips). Now i cannot imagine my life without free running, however tricking is becoming more and more appealing to me. I think it's the adrenalin rush I get from spinning over my own head is what I love about this extreme sport

Dale Hayes (simis)

My name is Dale could also be know as Simius and I am 15 years young.

I started the whole freerunning and parkour life in January 2008  and I loved it. After a little while I started to feel the difference in my height and distance of all my jumps then I started to flip, starting with the basic fronts, side, and backs also after the basic flips i got myself into the parkour side of thing like jumps, vaults and jumping off big things and almost falling to my death and this is why i love the sport!!! =]

Ben Legg

My name is Ben and I am 15 years young.

I initially started 'Parkour' back in July 2009 for something to do on the weekends with my mates, but after a few weeks of going, my friends didn't enjoy it as much, but I still loved it. Freerunning came about later when I started going out and about with Rhys, Dale and Char and found out that flipping was way more fun and gave me more of an adrenaline rush than Parkour did. Ever since then I've never looked back and plan on doing this for a long time as it's just too addictive and as I'm sure my other team members will tell anyone,  freerunning is like a drug and is insanely hard to stop once you give it ago!