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Team Tac-Tics are a dedicated group of Somerset based free runners.
The team is made up of four young inspired and inspirational athletes and has a lot of potential.

The team perform at public and personal parties, shows and demonstrations etc.
If you would like to see this exhilarating extreme sport for your own personal celebration don't hesitate to contact us. Whatever the occasion, let Team Tac-Tics make the event original and much more memorable.

Latest News...

Team Tac-Tics shall be attending the 'Weston Jam' which is an open training session to anyone. There are some talented people going and should be a great day, it is happening on the 22/08/10, which is this Sunday..

Team Tac-Tics =]


3 members of T.T.T (Charlie, Dale and Rhys) have done a display for a village 'fun day' in Middlezoy (just outside of Bridgwater). The display consisted of 2 parts, 1 was more parkour based, the other more flip and tricking orientated. It was a great day and a complete success, the crowd was cheering and clapping the whole way through.

The only downside to the event was a team member experiencing an injury to his knee, however it was nothing too serious and Dale is recovering well. The team had lots of positive publicity from this event, and the photos should be up soon. A small video has been put together from the little footage we have of that day, it is here.

Thanks, Charlie, Dale & Rhys


Message to all...

2 members of  T.T.T (Rhys and Ben) have just done a 'Youth Festival' in Burnham (a small town outside Bridgwater) which consisted of 3 displays and Parkour/Free Run teaching. It was a massive success, the press got involved, videos were taken, pictures were taken and we've even got some exciting new images to go on the site as well. The whole thing went on for 6 hours and was very tiresome but it was definately worth the attention from the massive crowd that turned up.

We did 1 display to begin with to give the locals an idea of what Parkour and Freerunning was about which was (we can quote) 'amazing.' The crowd got very big, very quickly and we were easily the most popular activity of the day. There were ups and downs of the day... The ups being that Team Tac-Tics has shown Burnham what Parkour/Free Running is all about and what Team Tac-Tics can do. The downs weren't massive as it was only Ben bailing a 'Team Back Flip' with Rhys and landing on his head (LOL!) but it didn't at all effect the publicity, which shows how much of an impact we made.

Images to be uploaded soon... In the meantime go check out some of our older Pictures and Videos and maybe even check out the 'Where Is Bridgwater?' section to see where Burnham is!

Thanks, Ben & Rhys =]