Team Tac-Tics

About 'Team Tac Tics'

Team Tac-Tics is a Somerset based squad which formed from basically nothing other than a bit of talent and inspiration. It originally started with just two squad members (Rhys and Char) but over a period of two years it has gradually became a squad of 4 very talented athletes with massive potential.

A Parkour/Free Running class started back in 2008 where Rhys, Char and Dale all helped out with coaching/assistance, helping young people learn new things every single weekend. At first the class was fairly quiet but now it's been going on for two years and the rise in popularity is extraordinary. By 2009 3 squad members were a part of 'Team Tac-Tics' and was soon to be 4 as Ben had started coming to the class around June/July time and at his first week he was showing quick learning skills and had a 'nac' for Parkour/Free Running so the other squad members took him under their wing and quite soon became close friends.

Now in 2010 Team Tac-Tics has grown in numbers as well as talent. The team are constantly learning new things and frequently train as a team when ever they can, mostly around the town of Bridgwater. The team members are becoming well know among the young community - individually and as a squad.